Tony Patterson Financial Advisor

A time tested approach

Macro Approach

My team works with your current professionals or helps your develop your own team. I serve as a macro manager helping coordinate the big picture of your financial world.

Outcome Driven

Don’t confuse the objective with the method – let’s explore different methods to help you accomplish your goals. Stress test your financial decisions and feel confident in your decisions before you make them.

Your Values

Make more beneficial decisions for you and your family, instead of favoring banks, insurance companies, government and other financial institutions.

We’re in it for the long haul

Quick fixes, untested methods, and short-term solutions aren’t in anyone’s interest. So instead, our team approaches every financial situation with a comprehensive, long-term goal that is personalized just for you.

Our Process

In a sense, our first conversation will be an interview. Allow me to share the process I use to help those I walk with make their financial decisions and I will allow you to share what you are trying to accomplish. This gives both parties a chance to see if we are a fit for each other. From there, my process focuses on continuous improvement of your financial picture. Initially we help you “know what your own, and own what you want”.

Let’s Talk.

Let’s have a conversation – in person, on phone, or web meeting. Use the form to reach out or use the link to secure a spot on my calendar.